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The Nature of Awakened Relationship Coaching

The nature of entering into an awakened relationship with a partner

is to dare to discover that all which arises between you is a gift for your own growth, that the key to deep authentic connection is soulful vulnerability, and that noticing your own experience and relating that is more powerful than asking another to change.  This creates an authentic level of trust between partners and empowers each by providing an opportunity for each to voluntarily grow and change as a gift to themselves and the partner.

Jonathan carefully leads his clients through a process to deeply understand the reasons and benefits of all of these tools and gives suggestions on how they can be applied specifically to his clients' current circumstances.

Here are the precepts for an awakened relationship:

  • All that arises in your experience is welcome, the bitter and the sweet.

  • All that arises is a gift for your own growing.

  • Speak to the truth of your own experience.  

  • Do your best to work at not taking anything personally.

  • Strive to be "impeccable" with your communication. Speak precisely and mindfully.

  • Know that your partner is doing the best they know how at any given moment.

  • Know that your own vulnerability can help your partner make different, more inclusive decisions.

  • Violence and acts of aggression should be avoided at all costs, and can be, if partners embrace the precepts stated here.  

  • Know that aggression and violence can cause irreparable harm to the safety of the container called "sacred relationship."

  • Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude.

  • See your partner as the Beloved, and as often your greatest teacher. 

  • Your own emotions are the gateway to deep self discovery.  Inquire about them from within the silence and curiosity of your own being.

Relationship Topics

to be explored

with Jonathan as your Relationship Coach:

  • What is the nature of love and falling in love?  What actually "falls" (away)?

  • Why are we drawn to partnership?

  • What is the value of touch and of love languages.

  • What is the true nature of understanding "needs" and of wanting to get needs met?

  • What is "truth" in a relationship, and how to know your authentic truth?

  • How to detect when you are speaking from your head - the conditioned ego-mind, rather than from your heart?

  • What is the role of physical affection in your life?

  • We can be sexual content AND still want to pursue more sex.

  • We can be sexually attracted AND not want to have sex daily.

  • We can touch softly, tenderly and yet be full of presence and solidity.

  • We can express sensual energy uniquely from sexual energy.

  • Putting intercourse aside for a while.

  • Why can practicing periods of celibacy together improve presence, sensuality and an innate search for wholeness?

  • We can notice and share our experience instead of criticizing.

  • Why we often seek to change the "other."

  • What is an agenda-less presence?

  • What is the nature of anger, and how can it be a gift?

  • We can be upset AND still be kind.

  • We can be busy & stressed AND still make time for each other.

  • We can appreciate each other's efforts AND still express unmet need.

  • We can go through rough patches AND not give up on each other.

  • We can love each other deeply AND still get annoyed.

  • We can enjoy time together AND want alone time.

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