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Cosmic Sky

The Nature of Individual Transcendence Coaching

It begins with the Breath. 

Jonathan works with clients on two levels:

  1. The Cognitive Level - Jonathan teaches and models non-dual practices of self inquiry and self compassion to witness to all that arises within the awareness of our beautiful brains.  In this process of self-inquiry, we come to realize that we are not responsible for healing ourselves; that in fact, our job is to open to the witnessing presence of our true nature.  Through guided meditation and intentional breathing, Jonathan leads clients into somatically experiencing this natural state of expanded self- awareness.    We discover that Grace is what heals us, and that this Grace is ushered in by the mere fact and practice of compassionate self witnessing.  Jonathan's work is to facilitate the discovery that this compassionate, nurturing and innate Intelligence is actively alive in each one of us.  Through practice, we discover that this Intelligence can be relied upon to guide us home into an experience of causeless joy and a cessation from suffering.                         

  2. The Non-Cognitive Level - Integrative breathwork & supported entheogenic meditational experiences are used to access healing at a level that is noticeable and experiential, yet not necessarily understood using the brain's logic network. The cornerstone of this work is that there is, within each one of us, an innate intelligence operating at a soul-level frequency in our lives.  Accessing non-ordinary states of consciousness connects our conscious mind to our innate intelligence. When this connection takes place, two things happen. The brain experiences a state of neuro-plasticity and the innate intelligence that resides within begins a mystical process of rewiring and healing the unconsciously wired patterning held within it.    One's responsibility in healing is found within the willingness to show up and watch the movie of this life with compassion and a lack of self judgement.  This takes courage, lots of it, and you would not be reading this sentence if you did not have that level of courage already within you.  Jonathan's work is to help you see it within yourself and to support you in your beautiful process of self discovery.

     More about this Path

Somewhat intrinsic to the very nature of being born into this life of form and raised in a society predicated on the dualistic structures of us & them, survival of the fittest, scarcity principles, and significant isolation from healthy community, let alone the factors of abuse, neglect and trauma, we all suffer. The remarkable aspect of this suffering is that it can be the very gateway to our greatest healing, wisdom & wholeness.  For this to happen, we slowly and delicately begin the process of being able to see all encounters in our lives as gifts toward our growing. This takes patience and often, some good, compassionate coaching.  Growth ultimately leads to a state of wholeness where we interact with our world from a place of undefended, soulful vulnerability.  As we approach this state, our lives begin to really change.  Joy, love and creativity are unleashed. Our Soul Level Purpose begins to emerge and become the guiding principle in our lives.  We begin to see the extraordinary nature of this life.

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