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 Opening consciousness through ecstatic freeform intuitive movement

Experience an expanded sense of consciousness

 through a somatic connection

 to your own Innate Mystical Intelligence.

 Gently, intuitively & joyously move free of mind intent 

to ethereal melodies, natural sounds, world beat & tribal rhythms.

Learn intuitive freeform “dance” as self expression. 

Come and bring your whole self.

Bring your worries, hesitations, anxieties, fears, and every part.

All of you is accepted, and all that you carry within is welcome.

And be reminded, perhaps, in this connection,

why we are alive!


Absolutely NO dance or movement experience required!



Entheos is an ecstatic dance workshop designed to assist in opening consciousness through guided mindfulness practices using freeform intuitive movement in rich exotic sound.   Learn how to delightfully circumnavigate the busy mind and all existing emotional states, entering directly into a physical (somatic) experience of the body's innate intelligence and your own expansive sense of Beingness. Discover the ecstatic spaciousness within yourself that is your natural state.

Perhaps also discover that this “state” has been within you since the dawn of time.


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Entheos is supported by Dance Remedy Lancaster and the sound is provided by its DJ, Deep Earth 927.
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