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Psychological & Spiritual

Life & Relationship Coaching

for Higher Consciousness Living & Wholeness

Do you long for a greater sense of wholeness within your self, and within your relationship to those you love?


 Jonathan offers a 30 minute free introduction to his unique work

including Entheos, a form of direct-path mindfulness meditation, whose purpose is the awakening of consciousness and the realization of soul-level purpose.

Life is about relationship. 

You and I are in relationship to all things,

to nature, to our planet, to our occupations, our co-workers,

to our sacred friends and partners,

and to the entire Cosmos.

This is relationship to Life.


Jonathan works with clients, individually and in partnership who have as their focus a desire for higher consciousness living as well as a relief from mental, emotional & physical suffering.

In his somatically based coaching practice,  Jonathan incorporates guided meditation, breathwork, Positive Intelligence, Internal Family Systems and guided non-dual self-inquiry.   He also offers shamanic support for entheogenic sacred ceremony to foster one's own experience and trusting relationship with Innate intelligence.  Jonathan assists clients in arriving at a point in their lives where every life interaction and experience is seen as a gift, the bitter and the sweet. 


A foundational core principle of Jonathan's work is an understanding that happiness is found and realized in our natural state, and his work with clients is, essentially, to release the barriers to this realization of wholeness as a somatic experience.

About this transcendent work

Journey into the soul of healing.

Reawaken and access

all of that which you are

and have always been.

Be held

and nourished

while you discover

that every obstacle in your

precious and amazing,

mysterious, chaotic,

confusing and perhaps tragic life

is a gift.

Each and every one will reveal a treasure,

if desired.

I would be honored to accompany you

with respect

and deep admiration.

I would be honored to look with you,

with new eyes,

into these held memories and current experiences,

which we sometimes label as


buried resentments,

anxieties and self loathings,

shame & addictive patterns,

existential sadness or depression.

Beyond all concepts

of ourselves

held in our amazing, yet limited brains,

most of us just want to be seen

and affirmed

for what we feel and

for who and what we truly are.

If you have felt the call to awaken

in terms of the truth of who you truly are,

or simply sense that there

is something beyond your current sense of yourself,

beyond that which is suffering,

count that as your good fortune.

Grace is playing a big part in your life.

Let's walk together.

It is my experience and my ethos

that every human soul has a call to awaken,

and the capacity to realize

that happiness is the natural state of your Being.

Not all are listening.

- Jonathan


Steps forward -

1. Read more:

 The Coaching Process for Individual Transcendence

The Nature of Awakened Relationship Coaching 

2. Call for a free intake session with Jonathan to see if his coaching style & work are a good fit for where you are in your life.

Entheos & Gentle Dragon Transcendence

are committed to providing this soul level work to all, regardless of income level. 

-Contact the administrative office if you would like to apply for a sliding financial scale in regard to your energetic compensation for this work.

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